Currently (and for the next few days) I am being enlightened by the book of Job.  I knew the story of Job before, but had never actually read it so I was pretty appalled at what actually happens.  This is my basic, non-theoretical, simple synopsis:

Job is a man of great wealth (and health!), a father of some great kids, husband, boss to many servants, and most importantly a man of God.  That is, until one day some angels and Satan appear before God.  God asks Satan where he just came from so he says he was roaming around the earth.  At which point God says (EXTREME paraphrasing), “oh hey! Have you considered my best lad Job?”  Satan says (again with the paraphrasing), “ya know? I haven’t.  I think I’m going to go prove to you that he will curse You if I make his life a living hell” (yes, I know I’m hysterical).  So God says, “okay, do anything you want to him, just don’t kill him.” (Reading Job chapters 1 and 2 would probably be a better account of this part of the story.)

Comforting, right?  No.  BUT here’s the thing: although I have not gotten all the way through the book of Job yet, I have come to this conclusion: God is bold (see what I did there with the bold font?) One definition of the word “bold” from is “beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action”.  We see this so much in today’s society all over the world.  God uses the most obscure situations to show His glory- cancer, car accidents, loss of a job, war- the list goes on.  Some people may say that it’s not fair, but if you think about it then it makes complete sense- God is bold because He can be.  He knows what is going on, He’s got it all planned out, and although it doesn’t make sense to us all the time, we know from Genesis that God knows what He’s doing (God planned out the creation of the world and provided everything we need to survive- He is not near-sighted) .  There are no surprises for Him like there are for us and there are no risks for Him like there are for us.

So, although I have never actually heard God described this way before, I think it will prove to be a fair assessment as I continue through the Old Testament.