“He is not man like me that I might answer him,

that we might confront each other in court.

If only there were someone to arbitrate between us,

to lay his hand upon us both,

someone to remove God’s rod from me,

so that his terror would frighten me no more.

Then I would speak up without fear of him,

but as it now stands with me, I cannot.”

Job 9:32-35

Oh Job, if only you had realized what you said.  Throughout Job’s laments he reveals this little golden nugget of goodness.  See, in this section of Job he was crying out to his friends wondering why God punished him even though he was blameless.  As I’ve been reading through it I frequently wonder the same thing.  Why would God let so many awful things happen to a guy such as Job?  As I have disclaimed before, I am no Biblical scholar, but I think God did this to have Job bring up this exact point from Job 9:32-35.  Even great people like Job need a savior.  God had someone who all humans can relate to (just by the fact that we are all humans) because he wants us to realize this problem (and why Jesus was sent to Earth)- that God is so holy that we were not able to be in His presence and talk with Him.  There was a void- something missing- someone missing.

There are probably numerous reasons as to why God allowed Job extreme suffering and temptation from the devil, but this one has hit home for me so far.  God is showing me that all people need this arbitrator that Job hopes for, even ones that have no “obvious” sins in their lives- you know, the people that appear perfect and like they have it all together (sure they admit they are not perfect, but that just makes them seem even more perfect)?  They have this unholy void between them and God too- they need one to act on their behalf too.

And so, here I fall into the only category possible for all humans- I need someone to go on my behalf to God so I can have an intimate relationship with Him. [spoiler alert: sinless Jesus died on a cross taking my sins as His own so that He takes the wrath of God each time I mess up and sin–He did that for you too! So powerful!]

Truly grateful,


P.S. I titled this “God is Holy -Part 1” not because I am planning my next post to be about this trait of God, but because I am anticipating more learning to be done of just how Holy God is.