Once I heard this quote that said, “Grace makes life unfair.”  I can’t remember where I heard it but it’s been the truth for me every single day of my life.  God’s grace makes life unfair because if it were fair, we would be the ones to take on God’s wrath instead of Jesus doing it for us.  God didn’t have to send Jesus here to die, but He did.  Jesus didn’t have to die, but He did.  Even though I am completely undeserving, He freely did it so I could have a relationship with Him and His Father, my Father.

I suppose this is just something I have been thinking about lately as I go through the semester on auto pilot.  I don’t want to live like that- I want to be constantly aware of my Savior’s presence in my life.  I want to be full of gratitude for the miracle that is Jesus Christ, every moment of the day.  I want to breathe the truth, live the truth, share the truth.  I don’t want to be distracted by what cannot even compare to Him.  I want to love like He loves and speak up for those who are being treated unjustly.  I want to be an example of who God is.  I know I fail daily, but that’s why I’m not the savior of the world- He is.

I know this isn’t exactly a “God is ____” post like my posts usually are, but I still think it speaks the truth about God’s character. He loves, He saves, He is everything.