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Last night the RAs went to a compline service at Christ Church in the city.  Before we went I looked up a little bit about what a compline service is and found that it was essentially used as a service before bedtime to bestow God’s peace on those who attended.  I was told it would be a beautiful and relaxing service, but that really did not even come close to describing the experience I had.

We got there a little before the service was scheduled to start.  We walked into the beautiful, old church to discover a silent room lit only by dozens of candles.  We sat down and after a few minutes of watching people coming in to find a seat in a pew, about 20 or so men and women went to the front of the room and stood in a circle, getting ready to sing.  At first it was just some long sentences strung together being sung on the same note, but after a couple of minutes the whole group joined in.  They sang in Latin, they sang a beautiful rendition of the Lord’s Prayer, and they sang other Bible verses as well.  Their voices and the harmonies were amazing.  I couldn’t help but wonder if that is how angels in heaven sound like.  As they sang, and as we sat in the candle-lit church, I felt as though the Holy Spirit was cleansing my soul of the many toxicants in this world- worries, anxieties, judgments, sadness, and fear.  I know I could have stayed there for hours, sitting in the peacefulness and overwhelming feeling of safety.

This service got me thinking about how much God enjoys it when we rest in Him.  He doesn’t want us to worry, be anxious, be overly concerned with what others may or may not think about us, be sad, or be afraid.  He wants us to come to Him, to lie in His arms, and give up our burdens.

During the service last night Psalm 23 came to my mind, especially the part that says, “He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my soul.”  During the service I experienced those green pastures, the quiet waters, and the restoration of my soul.

I also thought of one of my favorite paintings- “Aslan and Lucy”- and I truly felt like I was Lucy and God was Aslan happily holding me close and filling me overwhelming peace.