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One of the tragedies of our life is that we keep forgetting who we are and waste a lot of time and energy to prove what doesn’t need to be proved. -Henri Nouwen

To me, this quote is an unfortunate, yet exact, description of the entire world.  Okay, maybe that’s a tad absolute, but I do believe that the majority of people are living their lives to prove themselves.  To prove that they are the best, that they are worthy of love, that they are anything but unsuccessful losers with nothing to show for after 80+ years of living on this earth.  I do not think that people would voluntarily admit that, but I am, because I’m tired.

Tired of the fact that day in and day out I live to prove to myself and to others, that I can get good grades, have a smooth career path, and be a person who is worthy of love from her family, friends, and God.  At times I am successful, but most often I am not.  And then what?  I fail to prove myself worthy and successful and should therefore be defined as such.  But as Henri Nouwen continues, I start to revel in the hope that I must be reminded of daily,

We are God’s beloved daughters and sons, not because we have proven ourselves worthy of God’s love, but because God freely chose us.

When we start to live in this truth, we start to live in freedom and peace because we know that there is nothing we can do to make us be loved any more than we already are.  God’s unfailing love wins again.

This is my prayer for myself and for you, that we will remember who we are as God’s beloved children and that our lives will reflect this glorious truth.